Government Schools Program

Project Details

Location(s) Donor(s) Duration Description Main Activities
  • Previously: FIFA-SICA, SC-UK & CIDA
  • Currently: Adidas
1998 to date This Program aims to improve the quality of education in selected Government schools of district Sialkot. The programme is preventive in nature and emphasizes on the quality of education that hinders dropouts, which is primary reason for the child labor market. The quality of education being addressed through capacity building of teachers on content mastery and pedagogical skills as well as improving physical condition of schools by actively engaging the local School Councils/ management committees. 
  • Government Schools Infrastructure Improvement through school development planning (SDP) and by engaging local people/ SCs
  • Organization and capacity building of School Councils
  • Teacher training/ capacity building of teachers on content mastery, pedagogical skills and child rights
  • Children Clubs Organization and their capacity building on basic rights, school development and co-curricular activates

Learn to Earn Project

Project Details

Location(s) Donor(s) Duration Description Main Activities
Sialkot Paul Hartmann,  Germany Dec 2008 to date The project is being implemented in selected areas of district Sialkot. The project focuses on the quantity and quality of education through building capacity of all the actors that are closely associated with the targeted schools. It raises awareness amongst the general people and involved private schools on education’s importance. Private schools are the key focus of the project. The project also supports the children who are or were involved in child labor and have a weak capacity to afford education.
  • Enrolment of working children in private schools
  • Scholarships to children who are needy and cannot afford to continue their education
  • Teachers Training/ their capacity building on subject accuracy, teaching methodology and CRC/ child friendly schooling 
  • Health screening of children and referral for rehabilitation
  • Celebration of International Days to raise awareness among stakeholders
  • Awareness of stakeholders on Child Rights and education in particular

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