What We Do

Sudhaar started working as an organization committed to eradication of exploitative child labor, protecting children from abuse and making quality education (formal and non-formal) a reality for children in Pakistan in 1994. Gradually it included education planning, literacy and vocational training among its interventions. All the work undertaken by Sudhaar from 1994 to 2004 was reflected by it vision, mission and goals and the conduct of its staff members at all levels was governed by the Statement of Values and Principles. The cross cutting themes that emerged during this work were human resource development and gender mainstreaming.

From 2005 onwards, Sudhaar began to diversify its range of interventions. The primary examples of diversification include citizen and labor rights, birth registration and voter registration, ensuring child rights holistically, bonded labor alleviation, addressing violence against women, responding to emergencies and post relief rehabilitation, advocacy and lobbying with elected representatives and district governments to ensure equitable development and promote accountability and transparency in the use of public funds. Community mobilization and organization have been the pivots of all of Sudhaar’s work since the very beginning.

Sudhaar did start working on non formal education in 1995 in isolation with the government but the organization learnt that it was vital to work closely with government structure and institutions to ensure replication and sustainability. From 1998 onwards, Sudhaar has worked in close collaboration with district governments. In most of its work, Sudhaar has sought collaboration with Education, Community Development and Literacy Departments in the districts. The organization has also worked with provincial and federal governments, but on a project or assignment basis rather than on on-going basis as in the case of district governments.

Main Areas

  • Non-Formal Education
  • Quality Improvement of Formal Education
  • Education Planning at School, Markaz, District and Provincial Levels
  • Address Child labor thru Education and Vocational Training Linkages
  • Literacy for Adolescent Child Labor
  • Emergency Relief and Post Emergency Rehabilitation
  • Citizen Rights
  • Governance, Accountability and Transparency
  • Human Rights including Child/Women/Labor Rights
  • Trainings in various Disciplines
  • Youth Development
  • Livelihoods

Cross Cutting Themes

  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Environment
  • Peace and Harmony

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